How to Join

To be a official member of AMSA Bruins and National AMSA, please fill out the application below and email it to and pay the dues at the bottom of this page or bring a check/cash to a general meeting. You can join at any time in the year!

*You are more than welcome to come to any general meeting or committee event even if you are not an official member. Please read below for benefits exclusive to official members.

Benefits Exclusive to members
  • All paid members will receive national AMSA membership. Benefits include:
    • AMSA APP - One on one guidance from medical student mentors during medical school applications
    • AMSA-AMSA - One on one lunch meetings with medical students
    • Discounts on medical school preparation publications and courses
    • Mentorship program and tutoring for science classes
    • Access to internship contacts developed for AMSA members
    • Participation in members-only enrichment functions and contacts
    • and much more!
  • Dues pay for national AMSA members and local operating costs
    • ​1 Year Membership = $95
    • 2 Year Membership = $105
    • 3 Year Membership = $115
    • 4 Year Membership = $125
  • If you did not purchase membership for your remaining years at UCLA, renewals are $20 per year
  • Prices include $5 transaction fee for all payments taken through Paypal. (Paying in person by cash or check is $5 cheaper than listed above.)
  • Please make checks payable to UCLA AMSA or pay below now:
ACtive membership
  • This is a great way to prove to medical schools or future employers that you are a dedicated member of UCLA AMSA!

  • Requirements:

    1. Attend six general meetings per quarter

    2. Attend two committee events per quarter (fundraiser or social can only count for one committee event)


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