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Exciting Opportunity for Pre-Health Students

Good morning UCLA AMSA,

My name is Lindsay Marty and I am a Recruitment Coordinator for the pre-health professions program, COPE Health Scholars, at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood. This program provides undergraduate students and college graduates with the unique opportunity to deliver hands-on patient care while working alongside a team of physicians, nurses, and technicians. The program exposes students to a variety of healthcare career options and helps foster an understanding of the fast-paced healthcare environment prior to committing to a career in the field.

I know this amazing program has solidified my desire to work in medicine, and I hope it will help some of your members do the same. 

I have attached additional information about our program so please feel free to forward to any member you believe might be interested and will benefit from our program. Also, please let me know if it would be possible to meet with you briefly for 10-15 minutes to discuss in greater detail both the program and features of the program that are specific to our St. Francis location. You can also find more details about the program at our website,

Please let me know if you have any questions. You may also contact the Program Manager, Rasa Rafie, at

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Best regards,

Lindsay Marty


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