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Free MCAT Prep Resources For Your Students

Dear Pre-med Leader, We are on a mission to make test prep more affordable for pre-meds, and would love it if you would help us spread the word to the students at your university by forwarding this information to the pre-med students that you lead: Here at MCAT Self Prep, we are on a mission to make MCAT prep affordable for all students. We offer a Free MCAT Prep Course that has allowed many students on a budget the same structure and organization of a fancy prep course without the thousand dollar price tag. Several students have used the principles of this eCourse to achieve 99th+ percentile MCAT scores. Our Free eCourse offers access to all of the following and more:

  • 10 Content Modules, in which you will find our YouTube playlists which bring together the Khan Academy, AK Lecture, Udemy, and Crash Course videos. We've also matched up the most popular content review books (Kaplan and Princeton Review) with each video playlist. Students love having all their low-cost study resources in one place.

  • Question of the Day Videos, which feature video explanations for hundreds of practice questions. 

  • Weekly MCAT Study Tips, which will help students avoid key pitfalls as they study for this challenging exam.

  • Facebook Study Group. We've created a community for students studying on their own for the MCAT. Here, students can post and answer questions, find study buddies, and even participate in online study sessions.

  • Quizlet Diagrams and Flashcards. We've created countless Quizlet diagrams and flashcards that cover the Khan Academy video content. 

  • Low-cost Pro Plans. Our pro plans start at just $9, and offer help in areas such as making a personal study plan or accessing additional practice questions.

  • Low-cost Private Tutoring. For students wanting individualized guidance and help, we offer private tutoring sessions with 99th+ percentile tutors starting at just $49 per session. Feel free to use this coupon code for an extra 10-percent off any package/plan on our website: premed10

Please forward this information on to your students to help us spread the word about our free resources. We appreciate all that you do to help pre-meds succeed! Warm regards,

Andrew George


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