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Undergrad Research Assistant Opportunities at UCLA DGC

Hi UCLA student group,

I am one of the Clinical Study Coordinators and Assessors on the research team at UCLA’s Depression Grand Challenge. The Depression Grand Challenge is the second initiative created by UCLA in order to understand, prevent, and treat the world’s greatest health problem. In our current day, there isn’t a single person not touched by this disease. UCLA has created this challenge to cut the burden of depression in half by 2050.

We are currently looking for undergraduates at UCLA to be part of our DGC family and work towards this enormous goal. Please see the attachment on this email or visits ourUCLA DGC Job Board website that includes all the information about our undergraduate research assistant positions. We are reaching out to you with the hope that you will be able to forward this information to your student group members.

If you are willing to forward this information to your members, please send the blurb below:

“Looking for an Undergraduate Research Assistant position? Interested in clinical psychology and mental health?

We are recruiting undergraduate volunteers to assist in conducting ongoing research studies for the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC). The DGC is a campus-wide initiative aimed at cutting the burden of depression in half by 2050. Focusing on the use of mobile health technology, we are conducting several demonstration projects to understand the genetic, biological, cognitive, social and environmental factors associated with depression. In gaining a more precise understanding of the factors associated with depression, these preliminary studies will enable us to implement an innovative, personalized, and comprehensive treatment strategy, and ultimately will contribute to an unprecedented genetic study of 100,000 people with depression. Visit the UCLA DGC Job Board website to find all the information about our undergraduate research assistant positions.”

Please feel free to email me back if you have any additional questions.

Thank you!



Katie Patel, B.A. 

Clinical Coordinator

UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

740 Westwood Plaza, Suite 28-232

Los Angeles, CA 90095

Tel: 310-794-0305

Fax: 310-983-3719


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